RACE 2023


RACE Benefits

RACE by ARCITE K12 is an excellent opportunity for K-12 students to demonstrate their academic skills, knowledge, and abilities in a nationwide competition. Here are some of the benefits of participating in the program:

Boost your academic profile


Participating in RACE Scholarship Exam will enhance your academic profile and demonstrate your commitment to your academic goals.

Win scholarships and awards


The top-performing students will be awarded Cash prizes, International courses with certification, Awards recognizing their hard work and dedication to their academic pursuits.

Enhance your critical thinking skills


The exam covers a wide range of subjects and will test your critical thinking abilities, helping you to develop your problem-solving skills.

Build confidence


Participating in RACE Scholarship Exam will build your confidence, allowing you to approach new academic challenges with greater ease and determination.

Stand out among your peers


By participating in the Competitive Scholarship Exam, you'll set yourself apart from other students, demonstrating your academic prowess and talent.

Competitive Edge


By participating in RACE Scholarship Exam, you'll gain a competitive edge over your peers, demonstrating your academic abilities and knowledge in a challenging and rigorous environment.



RACE Scholarship Exam provides recognition for your hard work, helping you to stand out from your peers and gain recognition for your achievements.

Career Opportunities


The recognition and awards from RACE Scholarship Exam can help open doors for future career opportunities, as it showcases your dedication to academic excellence.

Networking Opportunities


The exam provides a platform for students to network with their peers from across the country, helping to build relationships and expand their network.

Fun and Engaging


RACE Scholarship Exam is designed to be fun and engaging, providing students with a positive experience while they showcase their skills and knowledge.

Improved Time Management


The exam requires participants to manage their time effectively, helping to develop strong time management skills that will be valuable in both academic and professional settings.

So, don't wait any longer! Sign up for RACE Scholarship Exam today and reap the many benefits of participating in this exciting and challenging program. Showcase your academic talent, demonstrate your critical thinking skills, and gain recognition for your hard work and dedication. Register now!